Essentials of Excellence


Wells Fargo Advantage Funds offers financial advisors a large body of literature and tools within the Essentials of Excellence® program. Product strategy wanted to develop a tool for financial advisors that helped them access targeted content specific to a topic or problem they were trying to solve.


Working as part of a robust project team I focused on the UX aspects including page flows, mobile compatibility and ADA requirements. My partners in development focused on tracking and back-end requirements. Considerations included the limitations of older existing platforms and industry regulations. My contributions included html layout and structure, CSS and javascript interaction coding.


What resulted was a content delivery tool that allowed users to access material on their specific topic with a minimum of clicks on a variety of devices. The user experience was the hybrid app approach we were shooting for — essentially a self driven interview similar to what financial advisors would experience when speaking with a regional team member at Wells Fargo Advantage Funds.